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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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Isaac - My name is Isaac Jays, I am 13 years old and live in Flin Flon Manitoba. My hobby is playing hockey. For my future career I firstly want to be a hockey player but if that does not work out I want to be a chemical engineer. I have many goals and achievements I want to succeed in life I have accomplished ,one by being in a hockey magazine for being one of the highest rank players in my region. It is truly an honour to be sent to nationals for my partners and my project. This project was inspired by my family and friends. I was truly crazed by how much pop people drank so we did research and decided to do blood tests. For the future of this project I would like to do a lot more age range. For advice people who want to try this it is painful and it takes time.
Savanna - Well, the idea of competing which pop wouldn't necessarily be the healthiest choice, but help young adults choose a somewhat better pop choice for either them or a child to aid them in their future. I told my father about all of the horrible things that are contained in that small can and he was shocked, so i believe that in a way I have saved my dad from getting type two diabetes, and for that i am proud. I plan on researching a lot more than I have done already, and hope that if I can, I will find so much more interesting information and that could help my family and my friends too.

Isaac Jays, Savanna Jays-Smale

How Pop Affects Blood Sugar?
Region:Northern Manitoba
City:Flin Flon, MB
School:École McIsaac School
Abstract:Regular consumption of pop drinks put individuals at greater risk of developing type II diabetes. The purpose of this project was to inform the public how regular soda vs diet soda influence blood sugars. Helping them to make not necessarily the healthiest choice but the one that will not increase their risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the future.