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ESPC 2013 - Lethbridge (Alberta)

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Blake - My Name is Blake Correia, and I am in Grade 7 at Oakville Christian School in Ontario. My favourite subjects are math, science, and history. When I am in university, I plan to study Marine Biology, or Geology. I really enjoy doing Taekwondo, swimming, soccer, basketball, piano, and clarinet. In Taekwondo, I am testing for my black belt in June. I have my bronze medallion in swimming, and I am working towards becoming a lifeguard. In piano, I am in RCM Level 5 piano. My hobbies are Apple electronics, shell collecting, and coin collecting. I have been to Mumbai, Paris, Miami, Atlanta, Washington DC, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Montréal, Québec City, Halifax, and Moncton. Each of these trips has been a huge learning experience, especially in science and history. I really enjoy hiking, canoeing & kayaking, and camping. I really enjoy nature, especially when I am far from home. Our project, Is Your Water Pure? is about testing water. We were inspired to do this, because we were concerned about tap water, and we wanted to know how healthy it is. The next steps for testing water would be to test more waters and test for different factors.
Eduard - I got the inspiration for my project from my friends mom who works for a water company annualizing types of water. So I thought that it would be a cool thing to do my project on testing pure water. My partner and I at the moment don't have any future plans for our project but if we were to get together next year we would expand and look further into our project and look deeper into more water and different types of contaminince. Some advice is to students about thinking a project is decide early and get going on the project early and do Not wait untill a month before or a week at the last minute.

Blake Correia, Eduard Brenninkmeijer

Is Your Water Pure?
Région:Bay Area
Ville:Oakville, ON
École:Oakville Christian School
Sommaire:Pure water is a huge problem around the world, especially where many don’t have access to clean water. In Canada, many people assume their water is pure without knowing the facts. The purpose of our experiment was to determine which of seven types of water is the purest by testing for 6 different characteristics.  We predicted and proved that distilled water is the purest. 

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