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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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CWSF Biography I am a 14 year old boy and I attend Trinity Christian School in Burlington, Ontario. I have always been interested in my father’s field of work. When I got into the 8th grade I knew the science fair at my school was later in the year. I decided then that I wanted to get my hands dirty and I would do a project on grease. As the science fair came closer, I came up with the idea of testing how long the grease lasted under friction. That is how I chose my project. I am very athletic and I have typically done well in school. Some of my personal accomplishments include raising money for Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto and making it to the semi-finals of the Ontario Cup for soccer. I love to dirt bike and snowboard. I have always been an adventurous person. In the future I hope to be a professional skydiver or a lawyer.

Frederik Eisses

Greasy Situation
Region:Bay Area
City:Campbellville, ON
School:Trinity Christian School
Abstract:The purpose of this experiment was to determine what type of grease lasts the longest using a friction test. The addition of water and salt brine to the greases was also tested. The results proving that Lubecore Steadylube EP2 grease lasted the longest. This grease has an environmental benefit because of less grease consumed and a reduction in grease pollution over other greases.