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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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In school my favourite subject is math, but I do well in all subjects. I am in French Immersion in school. I like to play video games and making video games. I play volleyball on my school team, and belong to a Youth Curling Club for my area. I want to design video games when I get older. I got the inspiration for my project from playing with paper airplanes. Then I got the idea to test aerodynamics, so I came up with the wind tunnel idea. I don't have any plans for future investigations right now. My advice for other students would be to think of something smart and then have fun doing it!

Aidan Charest

Lève mes ailes
Region:Peace Country
City:McLennan, AB
School:Georges P Vanier School
Abstract:I wanted to discover which type of paper airplane had more lift, and whether the planes who had more wing surface also had more lift. In order to do this I constructed a wind tunnel.