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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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My name is Joel Chapman, I am in grade 8 student attending Christian Heritage School in Brandon, Manitoba. I have always enjoyed mathematics and science in school and hope to pursue a career of engineering when I graduate. I live on a farm and enjoy the outdoors, on my farm I enjoy driving on my quad. I also participate on our schools boys basketball team. In my free time I am a avid fisherman and hunter, I enjoy being around animals and watching them in their natural habitat. This will be my first time attending the Canada Wide Science Fair and I am looking forward to meeting all the other young scientists. I got the inspiration for my project when we were insulating our house. I wondered if we were using the best insulation for the job, the insulation we used was Owens Cornering Pink FiberGlass insulation. So I thought I could do an experiment to test the different insulations the hardware store recommends. I wanted to see which insulation would insulate a home the best and which insulation is the least combustible. I am very excited about going to the CWSF and the great experiences I will have there.

Joel Chapman

What’s The Better Insulation?
Region:Western Manitoba
School:Christian Heritage School
Abstract:Insulation is used to keep the energy we produce inside of our structures, by using the right insulation we can reduce our energy footprint and make our less combustible. I wanted to know what insulation out of four I tested was the best insulator and the least combustible. I built five, 1 foot square houses and insulated them and recorded the temperature inside them.