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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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I attend Netsilik school in Taloyoak, I am part of student council for the past tree years. I help to run dances, raise money for hampers for elders. I am part the soccer and Batminton team and have been on school sponsored sport trips to various communities in Nunavut. I have taken part in a YMCA student exchange to Mississauga, Ontario. I have received Netsilik schools top student award for my grade level in grade seven. I have been a Canandian Junior ranger for the past 2 and half years. With the JCR's I have been on exercises were we learn how to survive on the land and igloo building and Kamotik making. I chose this project because I love to cook. I do not have any plans for further investigation. I would tell other students thinking about doing a project to work hard and do their best. My favourite hobbies are Hockey, snowboarding and walking my grandparents dog.

Edmond Etunga

Does Wet or Dry Food Pick Up More Bacteria
City:Taloyoak , NU
School:Netsilik School
Abstract:Studying which food picks up bacteria; dry vs wet food. I use different types of food to determine if wet food will pick up more bacteria than dry food or I'd dry food will pic up more bacteria than wet food.