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ESPC 2013 - Lethbridge (Alberta)

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My name is Govind Cherukara Pisharodi, and I was born in Belleville, Ontario. I am currently in grade 9 attending the 'Foundations Programme' at Moira Secondary School. I am involved in many extra-curricular activities such as hockey and soccer. I enjoy playing the guitar and drums in my free time, as well as reading, and watching movies. I have 5 first place awards in the QRSTF. I received one of those awards for my current project, that I am bringing to CWSF, called, "Fire, Cease-fire". I got the idea for the project after noticing the astounding amount of lives and money lost due to house fires, and I wanted to do something to reduce these high loss numbers. I'm currently moving onto the CWSF where I will compete in the grade 9 category. I have been to the CWSF once before, in grade 7, for my project, "Biofuels and Fossil Fuels: A Comparison". I won the 'Principal's Choice' award for student leadership when I graduated from grade 6, and I won the 'Student Leadership' award when I graduated from grade 7. I enjoy doing charity work in my community. When I'm older, I hope to be a doctor or engineer.

Govind Pisharodi

Fire, Cease-fire
Ville:Belleville, ON
École:Moira S.S.
Sommaire:My project is to determine whether or not NaHCO3 (Sodium bicarbonate), KHCO3 (Potassium bicarbonate), or other dry chemical flame extinguishers retain their fire-extinguishing properties when added to regular paint, in order to create a fire-retardant paint mixture. I feel that if a less flammable paint was used in homes to contain, or slow down, the spread of a fire, the chances of survival would increase.