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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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My name is Ishaan Dhillon and I currently attend Bishop Hamilton Montessori School (BHMS) in Ottawa. I was born in New Delhi, India but moved to Canada when I was two years old. I have attended several schools – University Heights Public School, Roberta Bondar Public School, St. Emily Catholic School, and now BHMS. At St. Emily, I won the trophy for Outstanding Performance in Science & Technology and had my name imprinted on a plaque in the school lobby. That was the start of my love affair with science. One day when I was sick and my parents were stuffing me with antibiotics, I wondered if there was a better tasting and natural substitute. That led me to my current project, and how bacteriophages can be used to combat bacterial infections. . I hope to be involved with that at some level. I am inspired to find out more about natural ways of treating diseases. I’d like to attend McGill University because they have a great microbiology lab; the perfect setting to help me achieve my dream of becoming a virologist.

Ishaan Dhillon

Age of the Phage 2.0
City:Nepean, ON
School:Bishop Hamilton Private
Abstract:The eradication of cultures of harmful bacteria, specifically E. Coli, using bacteriophage (a naturally occurring virus) found in different water samples. By comparing the bacterial growth using a spectrometer, I contrasted the efficiency of bacteriophage and antibiotics in treating bacterial diseases. Bacteriophage can provide a natural alternative to antibiotics for treating bacterial diseases, as well as greatly reduce the costs to our healthcare system.