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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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My name is Gareth Marks. I am a Grade 8 student at Stratford Central Public School in Stratford, Ontario. I am interested in physics and would like to pursue it at a university level. I am also an avid fencer and I fence competitively in national and international tournaments. I was inspired for this because I noticed the large amount of hype on the internet and in other media sources about how WiFi is harmful. I wanted to test whether the claims circulating about WiFi were credible or not. I would like to eventually do an experiment of my own testing the effects of WiFi on animals by directly exposing them OR on humans by asking them to carry an EMR-sensitive device and recording their exposure levels. The advice I would give to other students is that you should take a critical eye to scientific claims reported in the media and make sure they are backed up by recent scientific data. Always take a fine-toothed comb to your project when editing, and remember that just because someone on the Internet says it does not make it true.

Gareth Marks

Is WiFi safe in schools? Making sense of the debate
Region:Avon Maitland-Huron Perth
City:Stratford, ON
School:Stratford Central S.S.
Abstract:In my project, I looked at the claims circulating around WiFi EMR, or Electromagnetic radiation (that it is harmful to human health) and evaluated their validity based on current scientific research and my own study. My ultimate goal was to evaluate whether the claims are legitimate or not.