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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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Mitchell - My name is Mitchell Casey, I was bon is Stratford Ontario Canada. Hockey has been my passion growing up in a small city south of Toronto. I started playing as soon as i could. I would turn a tea party with my older sister into a full game of basement hockey. With great support of my loving parents Lory, and Terry Casey I started my years of hockey playing novice hockey with the Startford Warriors Organization, in this year we won the OHF, Ontario Hockey Federation, or the All Ontario's. I played 5 year with Strartford until steping up to the Huron Perth AAA Lakers for 2 years. During those 2 years Chase and I have came up with the A Protector. A player on my team got injured by getting stepped on, Danny Cleary in the NHL got a firm slapshot to the ankel, whitch shatered insetently. And the mostl recent insedent was Erik Karrelson's Achilles tendon being 75% cut by a skate. My advice for anyone wanting to do a project is to keep it origanal and creative.
Chase - Hello. My name is William Chase Windsor. Ever since i was a little boy i have watched, and played hockey. i love it and it is my passion. as i got oli realized how many injuries were coming out of this game and i wanted to do somthing about it. Just reasetly eric karlsson got his achielles tendon slice by a hockey skate. I saw this and invented the A protector. it protectes the acheilles tendon from being. we made the prototype out of an ankle brace an rubber, but if we were to spend money on this it would be made of kevlar and a non nutoniun substance call D30. A Non nutoniun substance is a substance that is gooey and soft but hardends on impact. my advice would be to find a need and fill it.

Mitchell Casey, Chase Windsor

The A Protector
Region:Avon Maitland-Huron Perth
City:Stratford , ON, Stratford, ON
School:Stratford Central S.S.
Abstract:Hello, our names are Mitchell Casey and Chase Windsor. We have invented a product to help prevent occurring injuries that happens to hockey players at every level. The injuries are a tear in the Achilles tendon and a shattered ankle.