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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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My name is Patrick Prochazka. I am from Orangeville, Ontario and go to school in York Region. I have always loved science and technology. My other passions include coin collecting, tennis, skiing, camping in parks, and reading. I play the violin, piano, and trumpet, and enjoy listening to classical, rock, and pop music. I enjoy drawing futuristic city models, hoping one day to make one of them become reality. When I did research about climate change in the Arctic, I learned that permafrost was melting, methane was releasing and the Northwest Passage was opening up. This is a major challenge for our planet. Yet this would also open door to opportunities. And they do come with responsibilities. Science must go ahead of time, to do research and to have findings and new ideas ready to be applied in the future. In my project, I experimented with current Arctic building models and proposed a new floating city, which would be built in the Arctic one day. I learnt to dig deeply into the various issues that impact on one project. I hope this floating city one day will define the future of mankind and us Canadians.

Patrick Prochazka

Building the Canadian Arctic
City:Orangeville, ON
School:Pickering College
Abstract:This project tested the viability of current building models on permafrost and explored new possibilities of establishing an Arctic floating city model, capable of adapting to the climate change. This project had two phases: (1) tests were conducted on the viability of different types of construction models on permafrost (2) an Arctic Floating City model was conceptualized and proposed as a future settlement model.