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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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Monica - Hi, I'm Monica Xu (a Coconuteer) and I am currently enrolled in the Pre-IB program at Bayview Secondary School. Aside from spending my time watching science-oriented YouTube videos, I partake in a variety of activities such as playing piano, clarinet, badminton, chess, singing, and volunteering. I am also an avid debater, and Junior Champion at York University HS Debate Tournament. I have also received many honors in math contests. Furthermore, I am a recipient of the YRDSB Celebrating Student Success Award. I have been attending science fairs for nearly two years and have enjoyed every one of them. This year, my partner and I got the inspiration for our project from doing school projects regarding water sustainability. Rather than building a typical water filter, we wanted to create something different but better. Thus, we designed and built a natural, cheap, yet effective filtration system, capable of significantly reducing bacteria. In the future, we hope to build a filter that could purify more contaminants instead of only bacteria. I would definitely recommend students participating in science fairs. In addition to meeting other peers who share the same interests as you, the hands-on, self-driven experience provides an enriching and knowledgeable opportunity!
Nicole - Hi! I'm Nicole, a grade 9 Coconuteer from Markville Secondary School. I am a part of my school’s DECA and MUN chapter, and I have worked as a bi-weekly columnist for a local English newspaper in China. I try to make a lot of time for reading and writing, and I keep a sketchbook to keep track of all the wonderful things that I have yet to find words to describe. My favourite word as a child has always been “why”; it didn't take me long to realize that science is always the answer to these questions. Science fascinates me because I think it is the most powerful tool we have to change the world with. In the future, I hope to combine my passion for art and science to explore the possibilities of sustainable architecture and create a greener future.

Monica Xu, Nicole Zhao

The Coconut Factor
City:Markham, ON
School:Bayview S.S., Markville S.S.
Abstract:This project took a creative approach towards improving current water purification systems by creating a 100% biodegradable water purifier using coconut shells. Various experiments and statistical tests proved the purifier capable of removing a maximum of 99.38% of all bacterial contamination from pond water. Through this project, we hope to promote the idea of using environmentally friendly alternatives to replace harmful chemical water purification methods.

Awards Value
Excellence Award - Intermediate
Bronze Medal
Sponsor: Youth Science Canada
Western University Scholarship
Bronze Medallist - $1000 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: Western University
$1 000.00
Total$1 100.00