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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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I am an optimistic person who believes in making a difference. I have an interest in music and kickboxing. I enjoy playing the piano and harmonium. I love volunteering when I can and have a dream to become a doctor when I get older. I try best to do well in my studies and do excel with straight A's in all my subjects. The inspiration for my project came from my family and from my Indo-Canadian society. Many relatives and family members of mine were a target of diabetes and a lot of people in my community were diabetic. I want to find a cure for diabetes in the future or prevent this disease and bring awareness about it in my community or any other community. Advice I would give to other students thinking about doing a project is to know your stuff and do research along with enjoying it, putting your best effort into it, and getting information from all the sources you can get.

Harshleen Buttar

Diabetes in Indo-Canadians
Region:Fraser Valley
City:Abbotsford, BC
School:Dasmesh Punjabi School
Abstract:Diabetes in Indo-Canadians is very common. It is mainly caused because of a poor diet and lifestyle, genetic susceptibility, and low insulin resistance in the Indo-Canadian Society. Diabetes is not curable, but it is treatable, and preventable. It is important to keep a healthy lifestyle along with a balanced diet from all four food groups. Switching your eating habits and lifestyle habits can prevent diabetes.