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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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Madison - I am Madison Smith from a small town in Saskatchewan.I am 14 years old, I live on a farm. I own horses, sheep and cows. In school I play basketball and curling. I love horseback riding, working around the farm, swimming and reading. I am planning to get a degree in agriculture. I have won distinction in school and I have won curling medals. We got our inspiration for our project because we love horses and wanted to do our project on horses. For further investigations we could do it with other animals like sheep and cows and do other experiments to do with horses. My advice to other students would be that they should do a project on something they really like cause it is more fun.
Cassidy - I'm Cassidy Flavel from a small town in Saskatchewan. I'm 13 years old. I live on a farm. I'm in basketball and 4-H. I like horseback riding, reading and helping out on our farm. I plan to go in Crop Science at the University of Saskatchewan. I have got distinction. We got inspiration for our project because we both love horses and we were wondering whether or not they see colour. Our plans for further investigation are to do this with sheep and cows. The advice I would give is do something you like or something you know something about.

Madison Smith, Cassidy Flavel

Can Horses Recognize Colour?
Region:Carlton Trail
City:Govan, SK, Silton, SK
School:William Derby
Abstract:Can horses recognize colour? Four horses were tested on two different farms. Three times a day for seven days, three coloured buckets were placed so horses couldn't see that oats were in green bucket. Horse's noses had scent barrier to block smell. Horses were shown oats in green bucket first time only. Bucket placement was changed each time. Results indicate horses can recognize green bucket.