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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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Nancy - My name is Nancy Wu, and I've always been interested in STEM opportunities beyond standard curriculum activities; it's really motivating to learn material and meet like-minded people outside of the classroom. My friend and I originally got together to do a science fair project as standard curriculum work. The general discipline that we chose to base our project on was physics, and we eventually narrowed our topic down to solar panels. We were quite satisfied with our hard work, so we thought "why not enter it in Toronto Science Fair competition?" It was such a surprise and honour to us when we discovered that we'd be attending the Canada-wide Science Fair. I looked forward to meeting new people, learning new things, and last but certainly not least, indulging in the world of science. My endeavours outside of science include those in visual arts, sports, and volunteering. I am the co-head of my school's Historical Mural Society; I am also a member of my school's badminton team, and during the colder months, I receive coaching for figure skating. My favourite volunteering experience was as an assistant coach for a children's learn-to-skate program.
Lianne - My name is Lianne and I am a grade 11 student at Northern Secondary School in Toronto, Ontario. I am very excited to be a part of the CWSF! At school I am involved mainly in athletics and music, and have received various awards in these endeavors. Outside of school, I work as a gymnastics coach. The highlight of my week is volunteering at the hospital, where I am part of the patient welcome group. I wish to be a doctor, having been inspired by the health care providers who have helped my friends and family. I have been fascinated by eco-friendly pursuits ever since I was scolded for not recycling paper in elementary school, and have since then educated myself on both the positive and negative environmental consequences of each action. Learning about the impracticality of solar panels inspired me to investigate them further. With my friend and partner Nancy, I hope to raise awareness about this energy source through the presentation of this project. For anyone planning to get involved in science fair or any other project, my advice would be to keep an open mind. The possibilities are endless, and the merit is in the exploration!

Nancy Wu, Lianne Cho

Sunny Cells Up: Served Hot or Cold?
City:Toronto, ON
School:Northern S.S.
Abstract:Electrical energy is generated when light upon a solar panel induces a flow of electrons through a circuit. After using multimeters to measure the power outputs of panels at different temperatures, it was concluded that they work more efficiently in cold environments. Establishing the ideal conditions for harnessing solar energy will reduce society’s dependence on unsustainable sources.