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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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My name is Rhea Deshpande and I am a grade 10 student in Toronto. I am a very active student who thrives not only in the classroom environment, but also as a member of my student body, neighbourhood, and church communities. I am a member of Leadership and Student Council at my school, a volunteer at the Toronto Zoo, and an active member of my Youth Group at my church. A combination of interest in social justice, global issues, and humanitarian activities helped me to develop the idea to use Chlorella to combat water-borne illness. I advise all students to definitely complete a scientific investigation because it broadens your horizons and helps you to identify your place in the world! Never doubt the power of your mind, and the ideas you can come up with. Through dedicating many hours of hard-work, it is truly rewarding to see a project grow. I plan to continue my research in using natural and accessible supplements to combat water-borne illness. I plan to go into biomedical or environmental engineering, and continue with my research, to not only make difference in this world, but to prove that ANY idea can become something great.

Rhea Deshpande

Chlorella Can Cure: “Eat it, Beat it”
City:Toronto, ON
School:Notre Dame C.S.S.
Abstract:This experiment explores Chlorella as an accessible water-algae that enhances the immune system's ability to protect against water-borne illnesses and also proves that Chlorella supports optimum functioning and cleansing of the kidney. The results show that Chlorella prevents the growth of potentially harmful bacteria found in untreated water samples tested on an experimental medium of Chicken Kidneys.

Awards Value
Australian National Youth Science Forum Award
$2 500.00
Total$2 500.00