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ESPC 2013 - Lethbridge (Alberta)

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Boris - My inspiration for this project came when I was reading a survival book and it said to use alcohol as an antiseptic. In my head I wondered which alcohol would be the most effective disinfectant on common bacteria. Me and my partner discussed the idea of discovering which alcohol is the most effective against common bacteria, agreed that this was a good idea and began our testing. After we finished our testing we concluded that Rum was the most effective disinfectant on common bacteria. As it said in our conclusion "we suggest that further testing with alcohols over 40% concentration is required..." If we would conduct a new series of tests we would include alcohols over 40% and specific types of bacteria in our experiments. The biggest advice that I could give someone is to choose something which you are truly passionate about and that you enjoy researching or experimenting on. If you are not passionate about what you do, you will never do as well as on something that you are truly concerned or care about. However do choose something feasible and do not attempt do build a spaceship.
Liangchi - Hi, my name is Liangchi Zhou and I come Toronto. My school is Upper Canada College and my science partner was Boris Shmuylovich. We started working on our project as a school assignment in November 2012. We first came up with this project subject when I wanted to work on a project about finding another good way to sanitize hands, and Boris suggested testing alcohol, and our project was created. In late December, our projects were graded and we had a school-wide science fair. That day, Boris was sick at home, so I had to present to the judges alone. At the end of the day, I figured I could have gotten a bronze medal, but instead I had won a gold medal! I was quite surprised, and so was Boris when I told him the next day. Us and 10 other projects from our school had earned the right to participate in the Toronto Wide Science Fair, and Boris expected to get gold, but I myself was pretty nervous, but as Boris predicted, we had won gold, which brings me and Boris to here today.

Boris Shmuylovich, Liangchi Zhou

Honey, I bought some of the new soap; it’s called Rum
Ville:Toronto, ON
École:Upper Canada College
Sommaire:This experiment is designed to test which alcohol has the most antibacterial properties. The way that we carried out the experiment was by swabbing bacteria from our hands, putting it on a petri dish and applying the selected alcohol onto the petri dish. The conclusion of our experiment was that Rum was the most effective in eliminating bacteria.