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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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Dustin - I found the inspiration with Gordon my partner for this project, when and he had an idea. The idea for the science fair is the wind tunnel and airfoil.( The Theory of Flight). I think that we should build some more air foiles and see wich one will conduct the most lift, because we had 3 and they were all different shapes for an air plane wing. We should build some more and see if we can produce more lift than before. My advice for kids that are thinking of doing a project that you are interested in. It will become more easy to do because you like what you are doing. It is a great learning experience doing what you like. I think it is awsome.And most of all have fun. I like to watch Duck Dynasty. I love to Shoot my bow and arrow. I like to hunt and fish. I think I would like to be a welder whan I grow up, but work close to my family as well. I have been to Nova Scotia and now I am going to Alberta. I'm pretty good at sports and I like sports alot.
Gordon - My name Gordon DeJong and I go to South Shore Education Centre. This is going to be my first time at the Canada-Wide Science Fair, I can’t wait to go. I love the outdoors and I really like to go fishing in the summer. I got my inspiration for this project because of the fact that my Dad is a pilot and I would like to become a pilot myself. I am planning to go to Confederation College to take a float training program in Thunder Bay to become a professional bush pilot. If I could give advice to other students about doing a science fair project I would tell them that their idea should be related to something that they enjoy and that you are passionate about. If I could do this project again I would want to use a force gauge that actually measures the lift, and its attached to you computer so you can save the results right away and use a more powerful fan.

Dustin Plant, Gordon DeJong

Theory of Flight
Region:East Parry Sound
City:Nipissing, ON, Callander, ON
School:South Shore Education Centre
Abstract:The purpose of our project was to test various airfoils in a homemade wind tunnel to determine the amount of lift produced. At the beginning of our experiment, we used known airfoil designs, and then we made our own airfoil designs to compare the results. Our results show that the known airfoil designs produced the greatest amount of lift.