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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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Hello, My name is Tanner Jodon and I am working on this project for a change in this economy. I am in grade eight and working towards having a better education while still being engaged into my sports. I am a soccer fanatic and I am going to England for soccer because I was picked to go. I will be traveling there for one week. I am thirteen years old. I got the inspiration of this project by looking around my town of tilbury, and always seeing the cancer awareness symbols and it got me thinking. Why do women get breast cancer when men usually don't? It's because girls usually shave their underarms but men most likely do not. If I were to further go into my project, I would find patients to examine, or to ask questions and find different deodorants that they use and could find out how long they have been shaving and even what they shave with. Some advice that I would give other students about doing a project is to find something you enjoy talking about and make it comfortable to you, and then all you need to do is research and describe your project!

Tanner Jodon

The Stink of Cancer
City:Tilbury, ON
School:Tilbury Area P.S.
Abstract:The Stink of Cancer is a project examining a possible Breast Cancer risk factor for women that was missed or ignored. The idea that there is such a huge percentage difference of females that are diagnosed with breast cancer compared to males is misunderstood. This experiment examines if there is a link between personal hygiene products and practices that increase the risk for women.