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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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I got the inspiration for my project while I was doing the laundry, I noticed that on my little brothers pyjamas, there was a tag that stated not to use fabric softener because it would make the fabric more flammable, and I wanted to put it to the test. For my further investigations, I plan to use fabric softener dryer sheets and also try different types of fabric softener and material. My advice for other students thinking about doing a project is to make sure you like your project and to have fun while doing your project. Also, never doubt yourself and always have confidence in you r project.

Taylor Godin

Flame On
Region:River Valley
City:Big River, NB
School:Superior Middle School
Abstract:I wanted to see if fabric softener would make fabric more flammable. To do this I constucted a device to burn stips of material on. I burnt treated and un-treated stips of material.