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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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Christian Mollins Koene is presently in Grade Eight at O'Gorman Intermediate School in Timmins, Ontario. He is interested in anything 'science', and enjoys constructing and reconstructing lego and working with a variety of tools. Christian has attended Science Camp for the past two summers, participates in Robotics, takes singing lessons, and competed in the Porcupine Music Festival, and enjoys cross country skiing as part of the long winters in Timmins. Christian is inspired by inventions that have a practical application and can work toward making life better for others. When asked what advice Christian would give another student working on a project, he answered, “The fun comes with the work, so shoot for the moon!”

Christian Mollins Koene

The Teeter Pump
City:Schumacher, ON
School:O'Gorman Intermediate Catholic
Abstract:The Teeter Pump is a fun, low-tech and accessible way of providing water to the more than eight-hundred million people lacking this invaluable resource in the underdeveloped world. This also includes 120 of the 640 First Nation communities in Canada.