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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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Garrett - My name is Garrett Cruickshank. I am a grade 7 French Immersion student at KVR Middle School in Penticton, BC. At school I participate in Leadership, We Day Club, and Jazz Band. I made the Principal’s List last year having maintained straight A’s. My favourite subjects at school are Science and P.E.. I am a member of the Thompson Okanagan Football Club and enjoy travelling and competing in soccer at a high provincial level. My ongoing Martial Arts training has me working toward achieving a black belt within the next two years. My inspiration for our Distracted Driving Project was a FaceBook post made by my partner’s mom. It is my hope that our project will draw attention to the dangers involved when a person does not focus on their driving. If we are able to encourage people to focus on their driving, it might save a life. We are doing additional testing and expanding our research to further enhance our conclusion. To other students that may consider participating in Science Fair, I would tell them to consider a topic that means something to them personally and that can make the world a better place.
Keaton - My name is Keaton Woods. I am in grade 7 French Immersion at KVR Middle School in Penticton, B.C.. I am a member of KISU Swim Club and I won a silver medal at the B.C. AA Short Course Championships last year for the 400 Freestyle. I play the Alto Saxophone in school and am part of 2 extracurricular jazz bands. I have just started as a junior member at Penticton Golf and Country Club. I am lucky to have had the chance to travel to many places with my family and look forward to a new destination every spring break. My science fair partner and I were inspired to do this project after watching a video about senseless deaths caused by texting and driving. It is still so surprising to me that so many people still use their smart phones while they are driving, even though it is illegal. I hope that our project brings some more awareness to the effects of distracted driving. For advice to other students, choose a topic that is current and that impacts everyday life and needs people to be more aware of the topic.

Garrett Cruickshank, Keaton Woods

Distracted Driving
Region:Central Okanagan
City:Penticton, BC
School:KVR Middle School
Abstract:People were assigned groups. In each group, we investigated the effect talking or reading a text had on their time to react to a traffic light. As a control, groups reacted to the same traffic light without any distractions. Our results confirmed distractions increase reaction time to a traffic light. Results show when you talk or read a text while driving, your reaction time increases.