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ESPC 2013 - Lethbridge (Alberta)

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I was inspired to create the Health literacy app (HeaLit), because my dad was doing a research study with the REALM-SF literacy test, and told me about the difficulties of using a paper based tool. I created my app to solve this problem, and improve doctor to patient communication. I plan to conduct a validation study next year to determine the accuracy of HeaLit as compared to the current REALM-SF. I plan on becoming an emergency doctor and also do research studies. My favourite things to do are: Watch Simpsons, Play on my iPad, and read books by Richard Dawkins and Michael Scott. I am a violinist, and I am learning to play the guitar, as well as taking musical theory lesson for advanced rudiments. I am currently advanced 1 grade in both math and english at my school. Advice I would give other students is to always be critical and skeptical thinkers. I also believe that doing a science fair about a topic that interests you is not only more fun, but also of better quality, because you work harder at things you enjoy.

Ethan Milne

Région:Avon Maitland-Huron Perth
Ville:Goderich, ON
École:Goderich District Collegiate Institute
Sommaire:Health literacy is an important part of doctor-patient communication and is correlated to health outcomes. The current health literacy test (REALM-SF) is a paper based tool which has become outdated. The HeaLit app was created using AppInventor with voice recognition to replace the REALM-SF. This could help doctors communicate better with patients and ultimately improve their health.