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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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I volunteer at a fish hatchery and know that water temperature and quality are essential for good salmon production, thus giving me the beginning idea for my project. Future investigations of my project idea could be to test metal and organic contents found in the water. I love to spend time outdoors, whether it be hiking, scuba diving or boating out on the ocean. When I graduate I would like to become a marine/any type of outdoor biologist. My advice to a student who is starting a science fair project is to do something they are interested in and, if they are interested in going to the Canada Wide Science Fair, to have statistics on their board.

Danielle Lacasse

Testing Streams
Region:Northern Vancouver Island
City:Port McNeill, BC
School:Avalon Adventist Junior Academy
Abstract:The quality of streams is important to the whole ecosystem. I tested two different streams, one that goes through the town of Port McNeill and another away from the town for different parameters: conductivity, turbidity, and temperature. Using a student's T test, I found that the water coming out of the town changed quality from above the town while the control site stayed the same.