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ESPC 2013 - Lethbridge (Alberta)

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My name is Julianna and I attend Grade 10 at the secondary school in Gold River, BC, a small remote community on Vancouver Island, surrounded by nature. My favourite school subjects are biology, music, and English. Outside of classes, I enjoy digital art, pet care, and most of all, soccer. I play as striker on my high school's girls soccer club, and I proudly support AC Milan. I have been playing piano for around 10 years, and am I learning alto saxophone, guitar and pan flute. I first became interested in diseases after watching various TV shows about real life medical mysteries and rare conditions suffered by humans. I would like to investigate the topic of infectious diseases again for the science fair next year, but with the focus more on disease prevention methods. After I graduate from high school, I would like to go to university to study epidemiology or pathology, and then work for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC).

Julianna Nielsen

Fatal Factors
Région:Northern Vancouver Island
Ville:Gold River, BC
École:Gold River Secondary
Sommaire:If there happened to be just one infectious disease responsible for the eradication of humans, what traits would the disease most likely have? By researching nine different pathogens and examining their way of transmission, cause of death, and resistance to treatments, I aimed to find the most successful factors of prevalent diseases today and then theorize the traits of a future superbug.