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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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My name is Zhouhang(Amy) Dai. I am a fourteen-year-old grade 8 student at École Millidgeville North School in Saint John, New Brunswick. I immigrated to Canada about four years ago from Qujing, China with my parents. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, drawing, creating little objects, working on computers, and spending time with my friends. My favourite sport is badminton. I am currently in the Saint John Junior Badminton Club, and have won gold and silver in the provincial tournament. Physics immediately captured my interest once I was introduced to it. It included most of my interests: mathematics, logical thinking, and hands-on experimentation. I am always curious about how things work and why they work out to be a certain way ever since I was little. I like to disassemble and reassemble things to understand how they work. I plan to have a career in the field of science in the future. This is my first time going to the Canada Wide Science Fair and going to Western Canada. I am really excited about it, and looking forward to meeting new friends there!

Zhouhang (Amy) Dai

Dim or Bright? Do Two Different Light Bulbs Always Have the Same Order of Brightness?
City:Saint John, NB
School:Millidgeville North School
Abstract:When I was studying Ohm's Law, power, circuits with series and parallel connections, I was captured by the interesting Physics behind them and decided to explore further and understand them better with experiments presented in this project. I used two different light bulbs, designed three circuit to study the relationship between the light bulbs' power, resistance values and the way the light bulbs are connected.