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ESPC 2013 - Lethbridge (Alberta)

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Jeremy - I have had a lot of interest in many types of activities that have to do with science, sports, and with building things. Such as the interest to do a good science project,being part of sports teams, and the robotics team at my school. I have received awards in all these areas. My friend and I got the idea for the project when his father asked us to help him with an experiment. We found it so interesting the first time that we decided to further investigate the topic of meal worms by testing the different food and liquids in thier meals to see thier growth. Also, that is my advice that I have for other students that want to do a project, to do something that interest you because you will give a lot more effort and have fun doing it. I would be interested in doing a post secondary engineering course.
David - My name is David Jones. I attend Pearce Junior High School in Burin, Newfoundland and Labrador. I enjoy playing sports inside and outside of school with my friends. My project was inspired by my father who raises meal worms to feed the lizard in the lab at the college where he teaches. I wanted to find a way to keep the meal worms at larval stage for a longer period of time. The project "Meal Metamorphosis" at this moment in time has two variations; the first stage was completed two years ago were my associate Jeremy Shea and I tested the effects of different types of food on the growth and development of the larval mealworms. The current stage tested the effects of temperature. In the future we plan to test the effects of common drugs on they're growth such as alcohol, caffeine and sleeping pills. My advice to others thinking about doing a project is go for it. My associate and I have had great success and alot of fun in the process.

Jeremy Shea, David Jones

Meal Metamorphosis
Région:Central Newfoundland
Ville:Marystown, NL
École:Pearce Jr. H.S.
Sommaire:Lizards prefer the larval stage of the mealworm over the adult stage. It is financially beneficial to keep the mealworm in its larval form for a longer period of time. This experiment shows that by choosing a certain food and temperature the larval growth and development can be made to suit the dietary requirements of the lizard.