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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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The inspiration for my project came from a school health class about introverted and extroverted people; whether individuals exhibit external indicators of personality types. Further investigations would test my hypothesis on not only people I know well but strangers as well. I would like to find more ways to identify indicators to . My advice I would give to other students would be to find something they themselves are very passionate about; this way they are actually excited and glad to work on. Secondly make sure it is going to be something that you can actually accomplish during the time period, and your learning stage; you don’t want something too hard to do and not being able to fully understand or test it, but you don't want something too easy, that may show people that your work wasn't something you might of actually thought about and learned anything new. And lastly positive attitude, as well as positive self talk. Tell yourself that you can complete your work, and tell yourself that you can do it and do it in a way that will accomplish your own goals.

Hannah Spencer

How Music Affects Learning Ability in Teenagers
City:Norman Wells , NT
School:Mackenzie Mountain School
Abstract:Students love to listen to music during class. But does it compromise teenager's learning ability? I conducted an experiment to assess the cognitive ability of students learning with or without music playing.