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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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I was born in July 1996 daughter of Mexican parents, in the primary i was a winner of contests of poetry and oratory, I participated in the Olympiad of the knowledge and obtained the best average of my generation, when I was in secondary I obtained the best averages of generation and also did my first project of investigation that was a reflector telescope, in the baccalaureate I obtained the pass to be in two national contests of science and technology, and a international one, also I went to the 1 national meeting of excellent students, obtaining the accreditation as a student researcher. For other part as my hobbies I like to paint and play the piano. What inspired me to do my project was the joy and the passion that I feel for Physics and the Mathematics and I wanted to share something of that passion to other youth people, in the future I would like to devote in the investigation of aerospace engineering, in the field of propulsion and energy, and as an advice to the students who wants to do a project I would tell them that they always have to believe and defend their projects.

Goretti Torres Pérez

Prototype for the teaching of Physics (CANICATRÓN)
Abstract:This didactic prototype (Canicatrón) has the academic purpose of waking up the interest, through educational practices into the classical mechanical, electromagnetism and the mechanism’s analysis in which the student can interact, observe, measure, analyze and reason. Through a mechanism attached to a feeding source, 2 storage areas and a similar tack like a roller coaster in which the marbles run forming a control system.

Awards Value
Gold Medal - International
Sponsor: Youth Science Canada