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ESPC 2014 - Windsor (Ontario)

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My name is Isra. I am in grade ten and attend Medicine Hat High School. I have participated in Science Fair many times but this was my first time being selected for nationals. My project this year was about UV light and it's effect of gram negative bacteria, such as e.coil. I chose to do this project because the Waste Water Treatment Plan in Medicine Hat had recently installed a UV light in order to kill off bacteria, and i wanted to test it's efficacy. In the future, if i were to do a similar project i would concentrate on UV light killing off gram positive bacteria rather then gram negative or i could also test the rate at which sunlight kills micro-organisms. My advice to other students would be to choose a project you've always been curious about because the more questions you have during an experiment the more willing you are to find the answer.

Isra Ahmed

Death Rays
Région:Southeast Alberta
Ville:Medicine Hat, AB
École:Medicine Hat High School
Sommaire:In Medicine Hat, the Waste Water Treatment Plant had newly installed a UV light as their new way of killing microorganisms before disposing the waste into the river. In my experiments i was testing the efficacy of the UV light they were using. My main focus was on getting rid of feacl coliforms such as e.coli since it is the hardest to kill.