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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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I grew up in Toronto and moved to Saskatchewan three years ago for my dad's teaching position. I have travelled lots. I am involved in Air Cadets, enjoy gaming, and participating in Airsoft. I wish to enroll in the Royal Military College in Kingston. For my project, I combined my enjoyment of gaming with wanting to help others who may not be able to enjoy it by creating something new and intriguing. In the future, I wish to pass this idea onto others who can take to a higher level and to ensure that this game can be used free of charge. My advice would be to be to not procrastinate and do a project you enjoy.

Owen MacPherson

Region:Southeast Saskatchewan
City:Carnduff, SK
School:Carnduff High
Abstract:This video game sets out to utilize musical notes and tones to allow for a person with complete or partial visual impairment to participate in the world of gaming. The player uses the assistance of music to know what commands their character needs to maneuver through obstacles within the endless running map.