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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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I am from a small town in rural Saskatchewan. I love playing all kinds of sports including golf, volleyball, football, hockey, curling, and baseball. I plan on going to University of Manitoba for architecture once I graduate. I got this idea for my project from me loving to play gold and always wanting to improve my game. I plan on testing more varieties of golf balls such as lower compression and higher compression golf balls. My advice for others is to do a topic that you are really interested in and see how you could change that idea or improve that idea of the interest.

Joshua Gottselig

What Goes Down, Must Come Up... Or Does It?
Region:Carlton Trail
City:Strasbourg, SK
School:William Derby
Abstract:My project determined if temperature of a golf ball will affect the ball’s rebound height. I dropped golf balls from six feet using a ball releasing device, then measuring the rebound height percentage using a slow motion app on the iPad. I dropped different temperatures of golf balls and concluded that the rebound height percentage increases as the temperature of a golf ball increases.