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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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I am from a ranching/farming community in the Great Sandhills area of Saskatchewan. I go to a small school in Hazlet which is a really tight knit community. My future plans are to go into the medical field either to be a Dermatologist or Veterinarian. My inspiration for my project is when I listened to my Dad plan the next years input costs. I was amazed at how much money we spend every year on fertilizer and I wondered does this effect the health of the soil we use as well. My plans for further investigation is to do a dry matter test of the corn plants. I plan to investigate the yield I get out of my plants as well. My advice to other students would be do something that is applicable to a world problem or your everyday life it gives a reason for your project and helps you focus.

Mattea Heck

Do You Feel the Burn?
Region:Saskatchewan Chinook
City:Sceptre, SK
School:Hazlet School
Abstract:My experiment is about limiting the amount of phosphate fertilizer put on corn plants to increase yield and to decrease ecological effects. As the world’s population increases there is more of a demand for more efficient ways of creating food. If we can grow more food on less land then it is perfect for our future.