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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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Kara - My name is Kara Miskolczi. I like keeping busy by getting involved in my school and community. I play volleyball, badminton, and I also do track and field. I am involved in my church, junior lifeguarding, and drama. My hobbies include, photography, drawing, reading, swimming, hanging out with friends, and playing piano. I also love to play with my dog. When I graduate I would like to become an architect because I love the way you can make something look and I'm always playing Super Home Suite on my computer. I am working on my Grade Five piano. I have one medal in each of these activities, piano, dance, and volleyball. I also won twice in my category at Regional Science Fair. My partner and I won first overall at the Regional Science Fair this year, allowing us to move on to Nation Science Fair.
Nicholas - My name is Nicholas vender Buhs. I was born in Melfort SK, and currently live on an acreage in Englefeld SK, I play lots of sports like Hockey, volleyball and badminton. I love to hunt, fish, be active, go outside, drive my dirt bike and hang with my friends. I am planning to be an engineer (not quiet sure of what kind.) My hockey team in 2011 won league and I can't even describe how happy I was to win it. My family likes to travel to fun places like Disney Land, Cypress Hills, B.C. on a big camper adventure and lots more. I got my inspiration from Kara's older sister who built a solar panel out of Coke cans. We decided to make our own so we could charge Kara's IPod which didn't hold charge. So we built an energy efficient and transportable solar panel. I would like to try charging every kind of Apple product I could charge. I suggest having an adult help with the wires because it can get a little complicated.

Kara Miskolczi, Nicholas ven der Buhs

I - Power - My - Pod
Region:Carlton Trail
City:Englefeld, SK, Humboldt, SK
School:Englefeld School
Abstract:We constructed a solar panel by taking little solar panels and we recycled them to make an IPod charger. Kara's IPod touch didn't hold charge. Apple will charge you about $100 to replace the battery. So why not make a reusable energy resource that helps the environment and cost little if you use recycled objects.