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ESPC 2014 - Windsor (Ontario)

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Amiel - Rankin Inlet, Nunavut is fairly accustomed to storms, but nothing could have prepared them for the arrival of the electric personality Amiel Deanne Hernandez. A fifteen year old Filipino Canadian, Amiel moved to Rankin in 2008 in order to reunite with her mother who served the community as a public health nurse. Amiel was born on the 10th of November, 1998 and is now the proud eldest child of the family as well as a talented baker, singer, instrumentalist and artist. The explanation of her teacher regarding ideas concerning the improvement of our community has sparked and inspired Hernandez to think about conducting further investigations testing homes throughout the seasons as well as other gases beyond CO and CO2 in the future. Like the teacher that once ignited passion in her, Amiel’s one piece of advice for all aspiring scientists is to find a topic that you enjoy, as these make work feel like it’s not work at all.
Grachel - I was born in India but have been raised in Rankin Inlet, NU for the majority of my life. My main interest in the area of science is chemistry and physics. Another subject I enjoy is mathematics. My interest for these subjects and learning has led me to be on the honor roll each year. In my community I am involved in archery, track, kangoo, and badminton. I also have a part- time job at a local retail store. My post-secondary plan is to attend university in Ontario and eventually medical school in the hopes of becoming an Emergency Room Physician. The inspiration for our project came from the fact that there are many factors in northern homes that may influence air quality (e.g. overcrowding, electricity type, age of home). We wanted to know what factors have the greatest influence on air quality levels and what factors put individuals at the greatest risk of CO2 and CO exposure. Plans to further investigate our topic include identifying other factors that can contribute to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and testing whether they impact air quality levels.

Amiel Hernandez, Grachel D'Cunha

Poisonous Gases: Is Your Home at Risk?
Ville:Rankin Inlet, NU
École:Maani Ulujuk H.S.
Sommaire:The purpose of our project was to determine the carbon monoxide (CO), and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in several northern homes using digital air quality meters. Gas levels were measured in four rooms in the home. We also examined factors that may influence levels including dwelling type, age, square footage, number of residents, heating type, indoor smoking status, and how often the windows were opened.