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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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My name is Ryley Hiemstra I am 13 years of age and I am in grade 7 at SHDHS elementary. I have lived in a large family my entire life of 3 sisters 1 brother. In my future I am not apposed to a future in science however my job of choice would to be an officer in the armed forces. I was not very interested in science until about grade 6. I am very fascinated in physics as you may know because my project is on the physics of the curveball. Along this journey I have learned many things but the thing that has stuck with me the most is Science is behind everything. My advice for someone new to the science world is to know your facts because the whole point of the science fair is to learn.

Ryley Hiemstra

Physics of a Curveball
Region:Avon Maitland-Huron Perth
City:exeter, ON
School:South Huron District H.S.
Abstract:Why do spinning balls curve as they fly through the air? This project explains this phenomenon by incorporating the related works of renowned scientists Isaac Newton, Jakob Bernoulli, and Heinrich Magnus. A model will be used to demonstrate the effect of air flow on a spinning ball. A second simple experiment will demonstrate the Magnus effect.