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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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I was born in 2001, in Cornwall, England. I moved to Canada in January 2013. As soon as I came to Canada I wanted to participate in a science fair. I was inspired to enter because I am really interested in producing clean renewable energy. I entered my regional science fair and won both the prizes I was nominated for. This inspired me to enter again, this time I was eligible to go to The Canada-Wide Science Fair. Once again I won one of my special awards I was nominated for and I won a spot to go the the CWSF. I was really proud of myself for this and am extremely excited to be going! Some plans for further investigations are: Building my own fuel cell, Powering the lights in my room from this experiment but on a bigger scale. Some advice I would give to other students would be, pick something you are interested and passionate about so you will enjoy the whole process of doing a science fair project.

Ben Chisholm

The Fuel Cycle of the Future Part 2
Region:Fraser Valley
City:Maple Ridge, BC
School:Alouette Elementary School
Abstract:You can spilt water into H2 and O2 by passing an electric current through it. This process is called electrolysis. The question I became interested in was can electrolysis be reversed to create energy. I constructed a circuit that had a solar panel to harvest the energy, a fuel cell to turn the water in H2 and O2 and visa versa.