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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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My name is Kyra Taylor, I live in northern BC in the small community of Montney. I attend Upper Pine Elementary/Jr High School and enjoy science, math and art. I am a member of Beatton Community 4-H club and have held executive positions over the last few years. Outside of science my interests include art, music (guitar), song and story writing, horse riding, animals, hunting, fishing and the outdoors. I live on a farm with horses, sheep, rabbits, dogs and cats. These pets and plans to be a vet or vet technician was what sparked my project idea this year. I found that many of my pets had bad breath. Knowing bacteria are one of the causes of bad breath I wonder if my dogs or cats had more oral bacteria. I advise anyone who might be thinking of doing a project like this to be ready to do a lot of work as I found that the recording of the bacteria growth & data analysis took much time. I plan on refining and continuing my study next year to canine oral care and the commercial products that claim to assist in the betterment of this pet issue.

Kyra Taylor

Canine Feline Halitosis Part One
Region:Northern British Columbia
City:Montney , BC
School:Upper Pine Elem-Jr Secondary
Abstract:A study of bacteria amounts within the mouths of Canines and Felines to determine which had more bacteria and if it was the gum line or tongue that harbored more bacteria. Cultures from 12 subjects (6 of each) were studied over 5 tests with cumulative results showing that canines had more bacteria and the gum line of both species was the particular area with most.