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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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Gabrielle - My name Gabrielle Sweeney-tobin or Gabby for short. Im 17 and attended O'Neil CVI in Oshawa for performing arts. Although I'm passionate about art I'm equally passionate about science. I plan on involving both in my future career. This project was a great turning point for me. It presented me with many opportunity and showed me the possibilities of doing both in my future. Originally the project was just a mandatory assignment for my music class but it became so much more. My partner and I, who also happens to be my best friend, became passionate about the project when we realized the hypothesis was correct and music does have an effect on heart rate. This taught me that music is more then just entertainment but can be used to help people. The project was not only a fun activity and experience but also was highly influential on my future decisions. I suggest to anyone just starting a project to pick a topic they are passionate about to fully enjoy it. This is a great experience and all the hard work definitely pays off.
Samantha - Hi, my name is Sam and I'm 16 years old. I'm a grade 11 student at O'Neill CVI. As a naturally curious person, science has always inspired me. I love exploring the different possibilities of education. As my first national science fair, I'm really grateful and amazed by this experience. I'd like to thank family and friends for supporting me throughout this crazy journey.

Gabrielle Sweeney-Tobin, Samantha Griarte

Heart Beats 4 Music
City:Whitby , ON, Oshawa, ON
School:O'Neill C.V.I.
Abstract:This experiment shows the relationship between different genres of music and heart rate, considering the difference between youth and adult responses. After monitoring heart rates at minute intervals during a song from each genre, data was gathered that not only prove the hypothesis but also explored the other factors that resulted in different heart rates.