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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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This project stems from an interest in retaining traditional forms of agriculture, promoting locally sustainable food production and concern about the growing influence of GMO companies on agriculture. This project is important because it demonstrates that locally harvested seeds, can reasonably compete with commercial seed varieties. I will continue this project into next year to follow production in more detail, and further evaluate whether local harvesting is an alternative to commercial seeds. Seeds from the hardy plants will also be harvested by the investigator and then planted the subsequent year and further analyzed. As a member of a small town, I involved community members to obtain seeds, become educated about local seeds harvesting, seed banks local sustainable food production. I will disperse this knowledge through local community group in the future. i am one of 6 children from rural BC. My achievements are art awards, story and poetry publishing, Lions Peace Prize local and regional awards, Regional science fair and Agriculture Awards, and recently Bronze Medallion for swimming. i play piano, violin, paint and write poetry.

Meg Warhurst

Gaia's Horn of Plenty - Is Seed Harvesting The Answer?
Region:Cariboo Mainline
City:lillooet, BC
School:Lillooet Secondary
Abstract:With increasing global population and demand for food production, genetically modified foods have influenced the agriculture industry hopeful to provide answers to the challenges. This pilot project suggests that traditional agriculture practices such as local seed harvesting can provide, at least on small scale, reasonable alternatives to genetically modified seeds for local food production. More research is needed to support these traditional practices.