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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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Hi, my name is Rachel and I live in Smithers BC. My interests other than science are reading, volleyball, karate, cross country skiing and playing the violin and piano. Over the summer, I became interested in synaesthesia, a crossing of two or more senses in the brain. I wondered if synaesthetes learned faster. I soon figured out I wouldn't be able to find many grapheme-colour synaesthetes, synaesthetes that see letters and numbers as colours. So, I improvised a bit, and decided to investigate if crossing the senses could help all people learn. I coloured the first 64 pages of a grade one book into how a person who saw the parts of speech in different colours might see it to see whether or not people could learn grammar when reading with a colour code. I loved this idea, because I love reading and if I could learn grammar by reading the Harry Potter books, that would be awesome! If you are planning on doing a Science Fair project, you should. They're really fun and you learn so much by doing them, like statistics, and how to make an amazing write up and how to analyze everything really well!

Rachel Cuell

Gaudy Grammar
Region:Pacific Northwest
City:Smithers, BC
School:St Joseph's
Abstract:Does using a colour code help people learn grammar? I coloured a story in three ways—black and white text, coloured text, and coloured text plus an explanation. I tested people’s grammar before and after reading the text, and found that coloured text decreased success, while coloured text plus explanation resulted in similar test scores to black and white text.