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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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Hi! My name is Nicole Green. I am in grade eight in Sundre, AB. A few interests I have; skiing, curling, gymnastics, badminton, volleyball, running, and waterskiing. I love reading/writing, music, and cooking. My considerations for the future are a career in engineering/architecture or psychology. I am excited to continue my science fair projects and would love to take the project I'm working on now to whole new level. Presently, I have received a few awards over the years such as academic awards (since their introduction in grade 6) in four core subjects, phyis-ed awards, literary legion awards and the volleyball MVP. I have been entering science fairs for the last six years and have come up with one word of advice for anyone who wants to enter a project. All you have to do is try and be prepared to work hard! You can be the smartest kid in the world but without dedication you won't get anywhere. All you have to do is give it your all and believe in yourself and I guarantee it'll work out! My time at the CWSF last year was fantastic! I am really looking forward to the CWSF! See you there :)

Nicole Green

Follow In My Footsteps: Discovering the Personality Profile of a Conformist
Region:Central Alberta
City:Sundre, AB
School:River Valley School
Abstract:Hi! My name is Nicole Green and the title of my project is Follow in my Footsteps. The purpose of my psychology experiment is to use personality profiling to determine which characteristics can be used to identify a conformist. The data I found as well as the self help test I created will help people help themselves as well as the people around them.

Awards Value
Excellence Award - Junior
Bronze Medal
Sponsor: Nuclear Waste Management Organization
Western University Scholarship
Bronze Medallist - $1000 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: Western University
$1 000.00
Total$1 100.00