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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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Calista - My project is called Bacteria in Ice. My partner's name is Madison Fleming. Our experiment was to find out how much bacteria is in the fast food ice that people drink. We are from Alberta. I like science, but I also play the piano - personally and for the school choir - and I like sports. I play softball and basketball mainly. Since February of 2014, I have traveled to Croatia, Rome, Mexico, Vancouver and Victoria.
Madison - I am Madison and I go to the Olds High School. I play many instruments including the guitar, piano and saxophone and I swim in the Olds Rapid Swim Team. I would like to go on to study science in a University after school. I would like to be a disease lab researcher. I would love to help people and I think by doing research in a lab I would be able to help more people. I got my inspiration for my project by wanting to know if the water from taps and fountains in school were dirtier than bottled water. I found that the water in the school was to chlorinated for any bacteria to show in the tests I was planning to do. After this I heard a rumour that McDonalds ice had more bacteria than toilet water. With this I thought that I could look at 4 restaurants and 1 hotel to see if there was large amounts of bacteria in the ice. I think that if I was to go further on with this project I would take more samples of ice on different days through out the week and make a average of bacteria.

Calista Wright, Madison Fleming

Bacteria in Ice
Region:Central Alberta
City:Olds, AB
School:Olds Junior Senior High School
Abstract:Our project is about the bacteria that can be found in fast-food and restaurant ice. We took one ice sample from four different restaurants and one hotel in Olds, Alberta. We put our samples on TSA and SSA plates. We used a vacuum filtration method. After growing the bacteria, we did some gram staining to discover whether our bacteria were gram positive or negative.