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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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My name is Alicia Hill-Turner I am a current grade ten student at Aberdeen Hall Preparatory school in Kelowna British Columbia. I am very active, I play soccer, volleyball, ski in the winter and have my black belt in karate. In my spare time I like to volunteer at the local homeless shelter and with the jumpstart kids program. Science is my passion, I plan on taking my bachelors in chemical engineering at a university in the United States, followed by my MBA at an Ivy league institute. My inspiration for my innovation was the fact that my new iphone was running out of battery power by noon everyday, it was an inconvenience to have to sit by an electrical outlet for an hour and a safety concern to my parents when I wasn't able to answer my phone. I knew something had to be done. My project is all about energy conservation, environmental awareness with a realistic application to a future with Kinetically charged phones. I believe this innovation can be used to charge cellphones everywhere.

Alicia Hill Turner

Kinetic Advantage
Region:Central Okanagan
City:Vernon , BC
School:Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School
Abstract:My Innovation is altering the way we charge our cellphones, my thesis is that using Kinetic Technologies I can creating a cellphone case that will preserve and enhance the battery life of cellphones everywhere. I am currently working on completing my cellphone case with Dr.Yafia a PHD at UBC's mechanical engineering department.