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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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Anez - My name is Anez Poulos and I am a grade 7 student in the Challenge Program at Odessa Public School in Odessa, Ontario. Science is my favourite subject at school that is why I am excited to have this opportunity. We thought of this project ourselves, and were originally thinking to do an experiment on radiation from phones, routers and other electronics. However because we only had a limited amount of time, we decided to focus on microwave radiation for this experiment. Knowing that we could not test microwave radiation on humans, we decided to test on bean plants. We exposed the plants to microwave radiation by microwaving the seeds and water distributed to the plants for consistent amounts of time. For further investigations, I would observe the beans growing on the plants with more microwave factors to find a difference in colour, taste, size, or if seeds grow. If seeds do grow, I would plant those to see if they grow and any differences. Advice that I would give other students is to choose a project that you are interested in.
Lillian - My name is Lillian Crowder I’m thirteen years old and in seventh grade. I have many things I enjoy: school, swimming, running, and many different sports. My favourite subjects in school are gym, art, science, and history. I’m a competitive swimmer with the Ernestown Barracuda Swim Club. The project my partner and I chose to do is called “Radiation Abomination”. We both liked the idea of testing how microwaves affected human health. Soon we realized we couldn’t test our project on humans so we decided to test on bean plants. We thought up the idea ourselves. Also, I think further investigations with the project would include harvesting the bean crop. Then growing the beans (from the harvest) to see if there would be a chain reaction in the growth showed in the experiment. I also think we could plant the bean plants outside and see how they do. Some advice I would give to a person doing a project is: give yourself time to complete the experiment. Choose a project that you will enjoy doing. Finally have fun!

Anez Poulos, Lillian Crowder

Radiation Abomination
Region:Frontenac, Lennox & Addington
City:ODESSA, ON, Odessa, ON
School:Odessa P.S.
Abstract:This project tested the effects of microwaves on sixty bean plants. We split the seeds into four groups and exposed each group to different microwave conditions. We hypothesized that groups with more microwave exposure wouldn’t grow as well because the microwave could potentially “fry” them or “radiate” them. We were proven wrong when the most microwaved plant group grew the best.