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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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Gabriel - Gabriel Dayan is a boy who attends Herzliah High School. Gabriel enjoys sports as well as his academic studies. His goal in life is to one day be a doctor. He enjoys sports such as tennis, hockey, basketball, swimming, skiing, waterskiing and wakeboarding. In his high school career, he has won basketball tournaments and tennis tournaments. As previously explained he also enjoys his academic studies. He is a straight A student. He has won math competitions, he has won his school science fair and he has been awarded every year with the CHAI award (equivalent of honour role). In his school Gabriel has also been awarded with ‘’student life accomplishment medal.’’ Gabriel tries to take steps, such as participating in science fairs, to achieve his goal of one day becoming a doctor.
Noah - Noah Abitbol is a 14 year old boy who studies at Herzliah High School in Montreal, Quebec. He enjoys playing hockey, basketball, soccer and likes to read. He also enjoys helping out his community in any type of way. Noah wants to become a doctor when he grows up and hopes that he can achieve his goal in the future years. He is passionate about sciences and enjoys learning about the medical field. Throughout this year, I attended three science fairs before finally reaching the CWSF level. My partner Gabriel and I went through a very long journey. We won the gold medal at our school science fair, the gold medal at the Montreal Regional Science and Technology Fair and the gold medal at the SUPER Expo-Sciences Quebec Final. On top of that, we also won the first prize at the Quebec Final.

Gabriel Dayan, Noah Abitbol

Fight Fire with Fire
City:Montreal, QC
School:Talmud Torahs Unis de Montréal (Herzliah High School Snowdon, section anglaise)
Abstract:We are trying to fight cancer using the immune system. Wewant to modify the cells of the immune system by adding genes to them. To transmit the genes we will be using a virus, which is a modified version of HIV. The cells will then be able to recognize and attack lymphoma cancer cancer cells.