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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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Sofia - My name is Sofia I live in a tiny "city" located in New Brunswick - Fredericton , I love art ,I Am part of the school concert band and yearbook committee and a little knitting club I also play some soccer .my family consist of my dad , mom , and my rabbit and dog . I have always have had a love for science , since I was little my mother is a Professor of Chemical Engineering At Unb , I always was fascinated in sciences and oil spills . November 14th 2013 I started talking to my mom about science fair and what I should do as a project . we kept on talking about it and I thought What about Oil Spills ... Light bulb .. After that I developed an idea with my mother and I invited Patricia along for the Ride . in The future for any further investigations I would probably test it with other oils.the advice I would give to someone else I would probably say Just do what you want to do , do your own thing and you'll be a winner and at the same time learn something new !
Patricia - My name is Patricia Forestell and I am twelve years old. I'm in grade 7 and attend George St. Middle School. I was born in Toronto, Ontario and lived in England for 3 years. I have a younger sister named Erin and two parents, Harry and Jenny. I love science, especially marine biology, and the arts. I am learning to fence and enjoy badminton. I play clarinet, take singing lessons, and write fiction. I am an avid reader and I constantly have my nose in a book. I love all books, but favour fiction and Greek mythology. My favourite authors are JK Rowling, Rick Riordan, and Veronica Roth. Some of my heroes include my family who are always there to support me through thick and thin, Adam McKim the founder of CHAT to the Future, because he shows people that even just one person can make a change, and finally my teachers who are always there to correct my French and help me through challenges. The environment is important to me and I am worried about the impact global warming and oil spills can have on the future of this world. I hope my project can make a change.

Sofia Zeron, Patricia Forestell

La fibre alternative
Region:River Valley
City:Fredericton, NB, Fredericton , NB
School:George Street Middle School
Abstract:Our project tested common natural fibers for their ability to absorb crude oil from large bodies of water as an alternative to toxic chemicals (dispersants). We also have designed a small mesh bag. This bag helps the fibers to stay confined, but still absorb everything.