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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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My name is Andy Lee. I'm in grade 7 and I'm from Woodstock Middle School in Woodstock, NB. This year is my first time coming to CWSF and doing a science fair in general. I like science, especially technology involving computers. I also like mathematics as well as language arts. My hobbies are watching videos, playing games with friends, playing badminton and learning new concepts. I'm hoping I'll will have a great time at CWSF!

Andy Lee

Windows Allocation Unit Size: Measuring Speed Differences Between Block Sizes
Region:River Valley
City:Grafton, NB
School:Woodstock Middle School
Abstract:Project is on Windows Allocation Unit Size. It tests to see if formatting in larger Allocation Unit Sizes are faster at saving than they are when formatted in smaller Allocation Unit Sizes.