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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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I enjoy reading, watching movies on Netflix, spending time with friends and travelling with my family. Along with that I love playing the piano and the violin and listening to a variety of music. In Canada specifically, winters tend to be quite harsh and dangerous so road salt is used often. The problem is, road salt badly affects our environment and now since the stress is to go eco-friendly in everything I tried to find a better solution. I hope to further my findings by conducting my experiment in a controlled environment for more accurate results. For other students who are planning to enter the science fair, I suggest you choose a topic that interests you and something that you feel can make a difference in your environment and your daily life.

Diyasha Sen

Les brises-glace
City:Rothesay, NB
School:Harry Miller Middle School
Abstract:The purpose of my project is to find an alternative for road salt. Road salt is effective but also hazardous to our environment. The objective of my experiment is to identify an eco-friendly and effective substitute for the commonly-used road salt.