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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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I am a grade 9 student at Gold River Secondary School. I love soccer and play on our girls school soccer team. I am usually an A student even though I might spend a little too much time reading! When I am 16 I will finish my lifeguard training and hopefully get a job at our local pool. I love camping, especially at Friendly Cove on our West Coast. When I graduate I am planning to go to flight school to become a helicopter pilot and hopefully fly on the West Coast. I saw a wave pendulum on YouTube and thought it was pretty cool. The science fair was coming up and I decided to try and build one with my dads help. I don't have plans for further investigation but we might try and build a smaller table top model. Anyone else doing a project should have lots of time and patience and a mentor with building skills!

Hannah Charette

Wave Pendulum
Region:Northern Vancouver Island
City:Gold River, BC
School:Gold River Secondary
Abstract:A Youtube video was the inspiration for our Wave Pendulum project that shows Simple Harmonic Motion in action. Using the formula obtained from my science teacher, we noticed a pattern. We used this pattern to create our own procedure to perfectly tune our pendulum. The result is a working model that can be 'easily' tuned by the average person. Perfect for in the classroom!